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Price: $20.00

super compact hook knife with all the function of bigger knives.  shielded SS angled blade in a moulded plastic 2 finger handle capable of applying good for to cutting lines and fabric safely.  in a black sewn pouch with a vertical loop on the back to attach to any part of your harness.  a must have safety item, low cost and effective.
Hand mic
Price: $30.00

Hand speaker / mic for icom radios.  Straight twin plug to fit 41S/ 41W radios as well as the older 40S.  Chunky wiring and connections mean it will last the distance.
Acro Handles
Price: $50.00

ozone neoprene acro handles, sold as a pair, use on acro or XC gliders for multiple hand control positions
Dual Radio Chest Harness
Price: $100.00

Chest harness to hold 2 full size radios such as icom 41S CB and A15 airband.  Also incorporated pockets for spot, camera, phone, energy bars and maps.  All in a full adjustable and superbly comfortable harness system.  Black only.
Tree Rescue Kit
Price: $105.00

Tree self rescue kit to secure you to a tree and then rappel safely to the ground if you happen to tree land. Our Kit includes the purpose built rappel device especially for paragliders with instructions printed on the device, 20m of 6mm cord (less rope means less bulk), steel biner and kit bag.  Tree landings are unfortunately common, prevent them becoming a serious injury.  Also available with longer rappel cord but this brings more bulk and weight.  We recommend 20m as you then have less bulk in the tree kit but can descend with multiple 10m double rope rappels.  longer rope lengths can be provided for a small fee. please email us if you are chasing something specific
Ozone Risers
Price: $240.00

replacement risers, or optioned risers.  all ozone PG risers are the same price so add your glider model in the comments when ordering.  all glider sizes use the same risers, so no need for size, just your glider model and weight option if one exists.  price above is for free flight PG wings