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Flow Aura Reserve
Flow Aura Reserve
Price: $750.00

the Aura round reserve from australian manufacturer Flow is a good mix of weight and size for a very good value price. It is certified EN with an opening time under 3sec and a descent of 5.4m/s at max load. the medium size at 1.45kg is a very good weight for this size and at $700 is the best value reserve on the market.

Med 31m 100kg max 1.45kg $700
Lrge 38m 125kg max 1.80kg $750
Ozone Angel SQ Reserve
Ozone Angel SQ Reserve
Price: $850.00

This is the OZONE R&D Team’s choice for reserve parachutes. Testing prototype paragliders in the Southern Alps is a demanding process, and that is why our test pilots use the Angel SQ. In Russ Ogden’s words, “The Angel SQ is clearly superior — as soon as we completed testing I switched to it for all of the flying I do, whether it’s testing, competitions, or just fun XC.”
100kg / 120kg / 140k

Modern square rescue parachute designs have proven time and again to offer significantly better pendulum stability and sink rate performance than traditional round parachutes, whilst retaining the fast opening times that are critical for our safety. Designed and developed by the OZONE R&D Team, the Angel SQ includes all of his knowledge and experience to create the latest, most up to date development of the concept.

The two main factors in reserve parachute performance are sink rate and stability. A reserve parachute with an acceptable theoretical sink rate can easily deliver a hard landing if there is pendulum instability. The principal advantage of the Angel SQ over a traditional round is in its increased stability. The increased stability combined with the Angel SQ’s excellent sink rate makes it a higher performance reserve than traditional rounds.

The Angel SQ has a relatively large surface area, yet is very light in weight, giving exceptional sink rate and stability performance with fast opening times. The large surface area is the principal ingredient in its excellent sink rate — all sizes of the Angel SQ provide plenty of margin within the weight ranges they are certified to carry. Where the Angel SQ really shines is in its high pendulum stability, which can be even more important than sink rate performance. During the development process, which included many real-life test deployments, the Angel SQ’s low sink rate and high pendulum stability delivered consistently safe and comfortable descents. The Angel SQ is lighter than the equivalent sized Angel, while retaining the small pack volume.

Woody Valley Quadro 100 Light Reserve
Woody Valley Quadro 100 Light Reserve
Price: $950.00

With the Quadro 100 light and Quadro 115, are the rescue chutes you have been looking for. The demand for light equipment is growing, so it was time to come up with a product that meet this need. These rescue chutes of the new generation combine all the features that a safe modern rescue device must have:

Quadro 100 light:

fastest opening time: 2.8 seconds

very low rate of descent with maximum trailer load: 5.2 m / s

super light weight: 0.985 kg for the quadro 100 light

smallest pack size: 23 * 23 * 7 cm•

very long service life: 15 years

These excellent results could be achieved by using the latest technology and highest quality material from Germany:

Anyone in need of a pendulum-stable rescue with low sinking speed and extremely light dead weight will choose a Quadro rescue.

Quadro M 100 light $950
Area (sqm) 31,10
Number of tracks and lines 20
Packsize 23 * 23 * 7 cm (3.5 l)
Weight incl. Container (kg.) 0.985
Rate of descent max. payload 100 -> 5.2 m / s
Maximum payload (Kg.) 100
Minimum payload (Kg.) 70

Quadro L 115 $900
Area (sqm) 36,20
Number of tracks and lines 20
Packsize 26 * 19 * 7 cm (3.7 l)
Weight incl. Container (kg.) 1.23
Rate of descent max. payload 115 -> 5.41 m / s
Maximum payload (Kg.) 115
Minimum payload (Kg.) 75

Charly Diamond Cross 100 Reserve
Charly Diamond Cross 100 Reserve
Price: $980.00

  1. It has a defined forward speed in diagonal directionwith the effect of a significantly reduced sink speed. This results on the one hand in a higher aspect ratio compared to conventional cruciform canopies, those propulsion mainly takes place towards one side, and on the other hand in the asymmetrical air flow of the convex sides of the DIAMONDcross canopy, thereby receiving an ascending forced optimised profile.
  2. The horizontal movement which is typical for every modern round canopy and cruciform canopy, can be steered for the DIAMONDcross ST in a certain direction, if required. Obstacles like e.g. power lines can thus be avoided and an emergency landing field can be precisely approached with a glide ratio of ca. 1:1,5. There are no disadvantages for the DIAMONDcross ST compared with conventional cruciform canopies.

  3. The DIAMONDcross has different line lengths which has the effect that the strips of the canopy don't lie on top of each other when packing the canopy. This diversification causes an easier air inlet when opening and thus an increased opening speed compared to conventional cruciform canopies. The packing of the DIAMONDcross is not more time-consuming or more complex than for a normal cruciform canopy

DC100 - 100kg max 1.17kg $990 in stock
Larger sizes on request
High Adventure Beamer3
High Adventure Beamer3
Price: $1,050.00

Lightweight steerable rogalo style reserve parachute from high adventure switzerland. with 2 size options and 2 reserve weight options the beamer now covers a wide range of uses.  certified max total take off weight 100kg / 130kg, with the best opening speed and descent rate, this is the reserve to have.  we generally have the standard weight beamers in stock in both sizes, the light options are generally a special order and may take a few weeks to supply.