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Ozone Rush 4
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The Rush 4 has now been certified in all sizes. The Rush 4 is the Delta 2’s little brother! We are extremely excited about this wing, and think that it represents as much of a leap forward in performance designs as the Delta 2 has proven to be. The Rush 4 has class-crushing performance, and some features which we have never before applied to the Sport-Intermediate class, including Ozone SharkNose Technology.
Ozone Alpina 2
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light version of the hugely popular DELTA 2
Ozone Mantra M6
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Fully optimised for comfortable performance flying and featuring Ozone SharkNose technology, the M6 contains all of the features that have made the modern Ozone range renowned for stability and comfort. With an aspect ratio of 6.92, an efficient pitch stable profile, a 23% total line drag reduction and a highly refined internal tension the M6 offers improved performance relative to the M4. We have measured a 0.8 glide improvement at trim speed and a full 1 point at full speed!  and still comfortably within the en-D class. Comfortable and intelligible feedback is provided by the M6’s 3-line system which allows for effective pitch control through the C risers. This tight, compact and controllable sail behaviour further improves glide performance in turbulent conditions, the wing steps up through wind shear converting energy into height like a competition wing. Through the brakes the wing is extremely precise and responsive to inputs producing an incredibly compact feel which makes it easy to turn tightly and efficiently, even in the smallest most turbulent cores. This coordinated feel, combined with the high aspect ratio translates to superb climbing characteristics and high levels of efficiency. The M6 is suitable for experienced and competent XC pilots who spend more than 100 hours per year in thermal conditions. We are confident that the comfort and solidity of this wing will make it a favorite amongst existing M4 pilots and other experienced Performance-XC class pilots, as well as Sport-class pilots who are looking to move up to a wing which forms an excellent transition to the competition class. It is however a high performance paraglider that needs to be flown with the full attention and respect that any such wing deserves. An M6 pilot must have a solid understanding of best practices for recovery from incidents in flight. call fro demo wing availability.
Ozone LM5
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Total comfort and stability combined with blistering performance is now the legacy of the Mantra Series.  The Mantra LM5 continues this tradition, and how.  released during the 2013 xalps race it is a super light weight 3 line and 3.4kg version driven by the x-alps competitors.   The Mantra is suitable for experienced, competent pilots who have at least 500 hours under their belt, who fly 100+ hours per year, and who have a good understanding of SIV with higher aspect ratio wings. It is designed for the most discerning pilots who need True Performance for XC/Competition flights with the comfort and reassurance of EN D certification.  it does not replace the enzo for PWC level international competitions.
Ozone Octane 2
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new in 2014, our freestyle acro wing, still with en certification in a range of sizes to suit your wing loading.
Ozone Magnum II / Mag2Lite
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a benchmark in tandem gliders, the magnum and light magnum comes in 2 sizes the 38 and 41 depending on pilot weight.  also see the powered version the magmax.
Ozone Swift 4
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The ozone swift 4 is a high end 1-2 glider utilising lightweight materials and details, capable of tremendous xc performance it is also one of the most agile gliders we have ever built.  An evolution of the rush 4 but with 1.3+kg weight saving it has more agility, is much easier to launch but must be treated as slightly more work to fly in rough air as it will move a little more overhea.  with the exception of the acro gliders this is probably the most fun to fly in the range.
Ozone Delta 3
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The new DELTA 3 is a wing that Delta 2 pilots will love. Everything about the D2 that is good, has been made better. Our mission for the DELTA 3 was to take the handling and “Sport-Performance Class feeling” to new levels and increase the speed and glide performance, without increasing the aspect ratio. The result is a wing that feels more agile and efficient in active air or while thermalling, has noticeably increased performance, and is every bit as pleasurable to fly.

All of the groundbreaking technology that has kept our performance wings consistently at the top of competition rankings is present in the DELTA 3. The most recent evolution of our OZONE Performance Project arc is present, and the sail cohesion, both spanwise and chordwise, is better than the DELTA 2. The net result of this improvement in the DELTA 3 is apparent the moment you begin brake input. The early section of the control range is much more responsive, making micro-adjustments easier and improving thermalling performance significantly. The thermalling behavior of the DELTA 3 is unmatched in our experience, it is easy to place the wing exactly where it is required in the thermal for maximum efficiency with the nose staying high even during tight turns.
the wing cuts through rough air creating lift through each patch of turbulence

The DELTA 3 is more than a worthy successor and we think it will start new conversations about the subtleties of handling and glider behavior, while staying at the top of its class in terms of performance - particularly in real XC conditions. The long development process was worth it, and we are excited to hear what you think.

Ozone ZENO
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This is a special glider, designed for expert pilots who are already deeply familiar with this class of wing. If you’re considering the Zeno, then you know the story of the Enzo, and you’re familiar with the OZONE R&D Team. The following is “Luc’s List” of design features for the Zeno:

  • New profile from Enzo 3 research program
  • New arc yielding improved handling and collapse behavior
  • Excellent handling throughout the weight range
  • Lowest ever line drag (12% less than Enzo 2 M)
  • New top surface shaping calculation
  • Optimized wing twist in accelerated flight reduces induced drag
  • Profile optimized for stability in accelerated flight
  • Top speed similar to Enzo 2 at same weight
  • Glide performance equal to Enzo 2 at full speed
  • Lightweight construction: 5.4kg in ML size
  • 78 cells, optimized for performance / weight
  • 2 line risers with 15cm speed limiter
  • Highly effective B riser control in active air

Ozone Ultralite 4
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the ultralight sits between the 1.2kg xxlite for alpinism and the geo for xc flying.  the ultralight is faster than the xxlite, more like a xc paraglider, but with super light fabrics about half the weight off the geo.  for serious him and fly enthusiasts and alpinists where weight is a top priority but still want the capability to thermal and fly xc.