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we import + distribute the very best adventure flight equipment throughout Australia.
Also paramotoring + speed flying equipment + various flight accessories + instruments. if you are interested in discovering the sport of paragliding please see below, this page also contains links for every facet of the sport of paragliding, truly one of the more inspiring activities to do anywhere on our one small planet. ONESMALLPLANET is based in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Qld. surrounded by the SCENIC RIM and the world class flying areas of Canungra, Killarney, Connondale and Toowomba on the great dividing range

founded in 2009 we aim to progress all free flight sports in Australia with strong support to both the club and competition scenes throughout the country. Onesmallplanet is run by gavin zahner, with 15 years flying experience, including many competitions and a world championship event. we have a long 9 year close association with ozone across their paraglider, paramotor and also speed wing ranges.

With a natural interest in equipment we are always looking for new and better solutions. so we source and build equipment from only the best and smartest suppliers, and are continually researching new products and ideas. your equipment should not be your main focus, your performance should, your gear should work effortlessly in the background. so when putting together your kit, do it once, and do it properly, and your performance will follow. so please call us if you would like to source a solution for you, or have a great idea for a new and better way to do anything.

if you are new to the sport of paragliding then contact your closest flying club and they'll help you get into the sky with new friends and new challenges.

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Vic - Melbourne
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